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StockDunia will deliver value to all the clients and will attain excellence and leadership through such delivery of value. We will strive to support the clients in all activities related to us. StockDunia provide great things.

Risk Profiling (STEP-1)

Risk Profiling are required to be completed by all the clients seeking Investment Advisory services. Please check your Risk Profiling and check eligibility .

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Register with Us (STEP-2)

If you are eligible ,then register and submit proof of required documents and KYC , from member area.You need to register first to access our free member area.

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Premium Member Platform (STEP-3)

We can only provide our premium service to those who completed Step-1 and Step-2 process.For any query contact us or read our Faq.

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Before proceed ,lots of question in mind ,
Who we are ?
Why join with us ?
What is out accuracy ?
What service we provice ?

We dont provide any Free Trial.Best Register for Free and view our Free stock view, Market view (dont trade with that), past report performance.If you are satisfied then think for Paid Trail or Monthly package.We never call / disturb you for any monthly subscription.
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About Us

We provice our service ,focus on technical & fundamental analysis to understand share market trend.Our objective is to protect capital first and then searching for profit...

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Why Join With Us

We will try our best to make you profit.We provide our service at affordable price. We always try to send best stock tips from rs 50 to rs 300 so small trader can enjoy our service...

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Our Accuracy

Generally accuracy is calculated based on market performance and market is very much uncertain to predict.So it is very difficult to achived accuracy level 99% and even more....

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What we Provide

We provide our service all over India.Each and every client have their different risk profiling score or in simple word different risk taking capacity and capital adequecy.
Keeping all these factors in mind we introduce different service package so that they can afford our package and earn some profit after paying our suvscription fees. To provide best service we introduce advance features to access our site.

Equity Intraday Tips

Keeping Capital ,risk factor in mind we have introduce this package.You dont have to take any overnigh position.Read more.

Equity Delivery Tips

This is for modarate investor and dont want intraday trade.You have to take overnigh position for short period.

Stock Future Call

For those who are risk taker and having sound capital adequecy.It may be intraday or positional.

Nifty Future Call

For those who are average risk taker and having average capital adequecy.It may be intraday or positional.

Equity Combo Package

It is the combination of Equity Intraday and Equity Delivery pack.It is also for average risk taker and having average capital adequecy.

Future Combo Package

It is the combination of Stock Future and Nifty Future pack.It is also for high risk taker and having sound capital adequecy.

Features Cover

To provide best service we try our best to provide you clear direction via SMS.

Calls Contain

Call will be given with Entry Level ,Exit Level,Target Price and Stop Loss price.

Market Movement Trend ,Support ,Resistance will be given.

Calls may be given Opening Call or Live Calls depend on Package..

Call Operation

All calls will be given via SMS only with transaction route.

Profit Booking Call , Exit Call will be given via SMS only.

Live support will be given for any query.

Call Format

BUY X Ltd AT 100.TGT 106.SL 97.50

BUY Y Ltd FUTURE AT 100.TGT 106.SL 97.50



Admin Message to Success

How to Get Scucess

Everyone defines success differently – as much as there are people, there are different opinions. Number one in our priority list is the success of our clients, protect their interest and capital as well. We work hard in the name of the success of our clients –

Before invest your money into market,learn some key financial term and maintain some basic principle and dicipline.

You have to acquire knowledge above some Key Term for stock market investment- Stock,Support,Resistance,Trend,Stoploss,Volume,
Price,Breakout,Breakdown,Market Indicators,Momentum,Credit Policy, Inflation,IIP data,GDP.


Trading Strategy

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Knowledge Bank

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Trading Disipline

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Find your question and answer.

Why Exclusive

We try our best to helping you best advice.

Lowest fees ever in India

We provide our service at lowest cost in India so that you can earn some profit after paying our fees.

We never call for any subscrption

We never disturb you by calling or by SMS to take our service.Its 100% your own decesion .

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