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  • stock market apps We provice our service since 1999.We focus on technical analysis and fundamental analysis to understand share market trend.Our objective is to protect capital first and then searching for profit.We are always with you to guide you best in stock market and hence introduce different schemes for traders / investors.
    Our services include intraday equity tips on cash market as well future market. Nifty trader can trade from our nifty future package. Those who do not work in stock future market but like to trade with nifty future we just simply provide them nifty future tips only and nse stock tips/equity cash market calls. In stock future segment we belief minimum trade with maximum accuracy so , trader can earn maximum profit with limited amount of investments.Those who are not comfortable with our nse intraday calls they can go for our delivery/ short term or swing trading calls with minimum holding period and can easily achieve 10%- 20% return with in one or two weeks.Moreover we always try to send stock pricing between rs 50 to rs 300 so small trader can enjoy our service.
  • free stock trial Years. The mean duration of symptoms was 8. 7 ± 7. 6 years. Dbs electrodes were placed under local anesthesia using microelectrode recording and stimulation. After 2. 4 ± 1. 3 days of trial tests, the stimulation device was implanted under general anesthesia. Patients were evaluated using the burke-fahn-marsden dystonia rating scale (bfmdrs). Results bfmdrs total movement scores improved by 59. generic viagra buy viagra viagra without a doctor prescription viagra discount cheap generic viagra cheap viagra where can you buy viagra without a prescription viagra for sale 8%, 63. 5%, 74. 1%, 74. 5%, and 85. 5% during the immediate postoperative period of test stimulation, 3, 6, 12, and 24 months (n = 5) after surgery, respectively. The bfmdrs total movement scores were reduced gradually and the results reached statistical significance in the postoperative period (test period, p < 0. 001; 3 months, p < 0. 001; 6 months, p = 0. 003; 12 months, p < 0. 001; 24 months, p = 0. 042). There was no statistical difference between 12 months and 24 months. Bfm subscores improved by 63. 3% for the eyes, 80. 9% for the mouth, 68. 4% for speech/swallowing, and 87. 9% for the neck at 12 months after surgery. The adverse effects were insignificant. Conclusion the bilateral gpi-dbs can be effective for the treatment of intractable meige syndrome without significant side effects. Keywords: globus pallidus, meige syndrome, deep brain stimulation introduction in 1910, henry meige, a french neurologist, coined the term spasme facial median to describe a form of spasmodic torticollis consisting of spontaneous adult-onset dystonic movements of facial muscles causing blepharospasm and a variety of dystonic spasms of the lower face, jaw, and neck 6). Meige syndrome typically begins in the fifth or sixth decade of life 2). Frequently, symptoms do not support the benefits of medication or botulinum toxin injections 3 , 5 , 10). There is a growing interest in the use of deep brain stimulation (dbs) in medically refractory forms of dystonia. Dbs of the globus pallidus internus (gpi) has been shown to be effective in the treatment of juvenile and adult onset primary generalized dystonia and segmental dystonia 3 , 6). However, the experience of gpi-dbs in the treatment of segmental cranial dystonia, such as meige syndrome, is still limited. In this report, we retrospectively assessed the experiences of 11 patients with medically refractory meige syndrome. The purpose of this study was to analyze the effect of gpi-dbs in the patients. Materials and methods between august 2006 and july 2008, 11 patients (9 females and 2 males) met the following criteria : 1) idiopathic cranialcervical dystonia (blepharospasm, lower facial and oromandibular dystonia, with or without the involvement of cervical muscles), 2) severe functional impairment despite medical management, including failed botulinum toxin therapy, 3) absence of secondary causes of dystonia, 4) no history of exposure to neuroleptics, 5) normal neurological exam except for dystonia, and 6) normal magnetic resonance imaging (mri) of the brain. None of the patients had major dementia, a familial h. We will try our best to make you profit.We provide our service at affordable price. We always try to send best stock tips from rs 50 to rs 300 so small trader can enjoy our service.You will get stock market movement or nifty support & resistance daily that help you to understand stock market condition at opening bell and you will also get Intraday stock trading tips with buying,selling level,target and with stop loss & follow up calls.
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