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Know More About Stockdunia

StockDunia is maintained and run by SEBI Registered Investment Advisor.The Advisory services will be provided based on technical and fundamental analysis...Read More..

From past experience it is found that there are lots of different classes of investors and their capital ,their investment objective, risk taking ability, past experience,.. Read More..

Generally accuracy is calculated based on market performance and market is very much uncertain to predict.So it is very difficult to achived accuracy level 100% .. Read More..

Package selection as per Risk Profiling Score.


Equity Intraday Pack

Risk Profile: Medium Risk and High Risk Profile; Minimum capital required is Rs 40000.

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Long Term Investment for 1-3 years

Risk Profile: Medium Risk and High Risk Profile; Minimum capital required is Rs 100000.

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Short Term Delivery Pack

Risk Profile: Medium Risk and High Risk Profile; Minimum capital required is Rs 50000.

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Stock Future Pack

Risk Profile: High Risk Profile; Minimum capital required is to hold 2 open position /2 lots at a time.

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How to Join

As per SEBI guideline ,before taking any service from Investment Advisor ,every client must have to comply KYC (know your client) norms , enter into Invesment Advisory Agreement and must be eligible as per Risk Profiling score.

StockDunia will strive to support the clients in Intraday Stock Tips or Intraday Equity Tips, Nifty Future Tips, Stock Future Tips, Short Term Delivery Calls, Nifty Option Calls and market over view like Nifty Support and Resistance, Nifty Trend .All calls will be given based on Technical or Fundamental study to the clients , based on their respective Risk Profile.

1. Risk Profiling are required to be completed by all the clients seeking Investment Advisory services. Please check your Risk Profiling and eligibility criteria online form the website by answering some questionnaires ..   Click Here..

2. Check your KYC status by entering your PAN Number. The KYC status should be 'KYC Registered'. If not, then it is required to be initiated once again by the client from member area. Read More....

3. Enter into Client Agreement by signing to agree all the terms and condition to get service. Read More..

4. Submit All Documents from your register email for verification. Once approve, it will be informed.Read More..

5. Pay the Package price as per prescribed mode .Don't pay by cash or without submit documents.Read More..

6. Inform with all payment details like package, payment amount , payment mode, payment reference number with supporting documents like screen shot etc. Read More..



Total Risk Profiling Score

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High Risk

220 to 325 High Risk Profiling Score



Medium Risk

110 to 219 Medium Risk Profiling Score



Low Risk

00 to 109 Low Risk Profiling Score

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Features Cover

Call will be given with Entry Level ,Exit Level,Target Price and Stop Loss price.Market Movement Trend ,Support ,Resistance will be given.Calls may be given Opening Call or Live Calls depend on Package..
All calls will be given via SMS only in DND number also.Profit Booking Call , Exit Call will be given via SMS only.Live support will be given for any query.
1.BUY X Ltd AT 100.TGT 103.SL 98.50...2.BUY Y Ltd FUTURE AT 100.TGT 103.SL 98.50.. 3.SELL X Ltd AT 100.TGT 97.SL 102...4.SELL Y Ltd FUTURE AT 100.TGT 97.SL 101.50 5.BOOK 50% PROFIT FROM Z Ltd NEAR 101.50.TRAIL SL 99...6.EXIT FROM Z Ltd NEAR 101.